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Hello, my name is Kaede Shimizu, and I am the president of CCA’s MEDriven club, which serves to educate and inspire a passion in the biomedical field within our fellow students. MEDriven interviews professionals throughout the medical field, gives lectures on advanced topics in the medical field, conducts at-home experiments and most importantly, inspires its members to give back to their communities. You may be familiar with our mask and canned food collection drive for the homeless this past summer.
This holiday season, in the spirit of love, CCA’s MEDriven is be partnering with the nonprofit organization Classic League for Young Artists (CLFYA) under the music studio Colorful Universe to bring you our very own charity concert. All proceeds will go towards the American Red Cross’s Disaster Relief program , and donations are tax deductible.
Tune in on December 19 at 7:00 pm for our Zoom concert to hear your friends perform! Although we would love if you could support our fellow musicians by attending the concert you can still donate without attending the concert as well. All donations will be paid through our webpage.
We are asking if everyone could donate $10, $20, $50, $100 or some other amount (suggested amount is at least $10-20), and we will be accepting donations until December 19. With your help and good will, we can provide relief and some holiday cheer for those suffering from the repercussions of natural disasters. 

Music for Love: Winter 2020

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